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Located in the pristine waters of The Coral Sea, the Conflict Islands comprise of 21 untouched islands and boast the most extensive biodiversity and coral reefs in the world.

With a third of the world's species of marine fish, the Conflict Islands are home to everything from the tiny ghost pipe fish to the huge manta rays and killer whales. The 21 uninhabited tropical islands surround a spectacular lagoon and are currently under consideration for a World Heritage Marine Site. Among the group of islands, Irai island has been found to have the second best coral in the world with the most number of species noted in a single dive - a divers absolute dream!

The main islands, Panasesa is open to travellers for private hire and features a resort Club House, six beachfront bungalows and runway capable of landing short-haul flights. Activities on offer include sport fishing, diving, kayaking, sailing, boating and nature encounters. 80 miles due East of Papua New Guinea, the Conflict Islands are as little as four hours from Sydney and accessible by private charter from Port Moresby or boat transfers from the Milne Bay capital, Alotau.